The Reed Legacy 1.2- Weenie Roast

To try to get some ideas for work Gianna decided to watch the cooking channel.


“Sugar free gumball cake… sounds delish!” she thought to herself.

Her nights at work would usually be long and taxing so she would come home and take a bath before gardening which was very relaxing for her.


Being outdoors always lifted her spirit especially when she was able to evolve her plants to a better quality.


Gianna wanted to attract people to Newcrest so she decided to throw a small weenie roast for prospective residents and investors.

On the guest list was Bella Goth, Clara Bjergsen, Eve Dean, Mila, Lucas and Gunther Munch and Hugo Villareal. They all had attributes that would make Newcrest successful.


Gianna went in the house for two seconds and suddenly Mila and Gunther were on fire! What a calamity!


Luckily someone put them out. Eve thought working out was much more important and Clara thought taking out the trash was a must!


Gianna had tried really hard to have a successful roast but in the end she only gained a bronze medal. She defininitely needed to work on her hosting skills.


Gianna: “Bye guys! Thanks for coming. Don’t forget Newcrest is the best place to invest!”

After so much gardening Gianna had acquired quite a large amount of produce and decided to sell it to get some money to purchase this nifty bookshelf.


She was so excited about it that she began to read while sitting on the toilet throne.


One day while collecting she found this frog and she gave him a home on her dining table. They had their meals together…


…and she grew quite attached to him and even read him stories.


Eventually she leveled up her gardening skill enough to take cuttings and graft plants.


Gianna wanted to try her hand at hosting again so she invited some people over to another weenie roast.
They were pretty excited about this one and lots of them were roasting stuff.


Dina: “Hey guys I think Gianna here will make a wonderful mayor! She’ll roast hotdogs for the entire town!”

Clara brought a friend who was hoping to move to Newcrest.
Clara: “Hey Gianna! Meet Gary. He’s my distant cousin twice removed.”


Gianna: “Ok gather round guys! Let me tell you a fairytale about a giant!”


Everyone listened intently.

She threw a pretty good party. ..or so she thought. I guess we’ll be able to tell based on how many people invest in her city.

The next day she decided to visit magnolia promenade to lure some more potential investors.

She met Mortimer, a very rich author and he agreed to write the story of Newcrest. ..Once he was still alive when she was finished forging the legacy.


Suddenly Jacques Villareal kicked the bucket while Marisa did pushups totally oblivious to what was going on.


The Grim Reaper came to take his soul…


And recorded it on an …iPad?

1-2-21Grim: “One old soul..check!”

Everybody was torn apart. Even Marisa who finally noticed something was up.


Gianna tried to cheer Gary up: “Don’t worry Gary, the pain will fade with time.”
Gary: “Maybe you’re right”

See you next time!


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