The Reed Legacy 1.1- Friends, Food & Fires

The first thing Gianna did was look for plants to harvest but none of them had any fruit.

She wondered over to this spot where she found some people having a cook out and doing some other outdoorsy things. She decided to join the party.

She believed that befriending the residents would be the best way forward. So she started chatting to this girl over a plate of grilled fruit.

Gianna: “Hey I’m Gianna! The unofficial mayor of Newcrest.”
Girl: “Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Cassandra”


After meeting and greeting, Gianna went back home with a full belly but pockets void of seeds. She ended up purchasing some seeds to plant instead.

Within no time her garden was starting to look like a garden. She felt really proud of herself.


After gardening, Gianna decided to get a job because that would help her advance in life as the new mayor so she pulled out her cell phone started making some phone calls. She chose the culinary career and she started off as an assistant dishwasher.

In order to get promoted she had to work on her cooking skills so she set off to making some grilled cheese.


Next she tried making garden salad but she cut her fingers multiple times in the process.


The next day there many of the plants had fruits and vegetables so she went about harvesting produce.


Gianna: “Oooh look! Onions!”

She made some friends with some like minded people who called themselves the “Garden Gnomes” and she invited them over for a bit. While cooking Gianna accidentally set the house on fire. Blondie in the back there looks like he’s exercising or dancing.


Then instead of trying to extinguish the fire Gianna ran outside to safety with Moira and Lucus.


Blondie: “Guys! Where are you going? The entire house will burn down!”

After coming to her senses Gianna went back inside, pulled out her trusty fire extinguisher and managed to successfully put out of the fire.


Insurance gave her a whopping 223 simoleans to replace her $400 stove and her $150 counter. How disappointing.

Gianna: “What a way to start building a city? I almost burned it down…”

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “The Reed Legacy 1.1- Friends, Food & Fires

  1. Emily Anne says:

    Hey! Dancer-freak from the forums 🙂 Lovely start, I thought the end bit was pretty funny “what a way to start building a city? I almost burned it down.” Haha, it is okay Gianna! Good comes to those who wait. Can’t wait to read on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roelinka says:

    Haha omg! Fire! My sims always set the house on fire in the beginning so i always let them make a salad till at least cooking skill 2. The insurance alway pays way to less to cover the cost. Like the story so far.

    Liked by 1 person

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