Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

I found this challenge here and I absolutely loved it so I decided to try it out.

Meet the founder, Gianna Reed!

Gianna is an outgoing, clumsy sim who loves the outdoors. Because of her Freelance Botanist Aspiration, Gianna also gained the collector trait.

09-05-16_8-06-00 PM

Due to an economic downfall in Willow Creek there was a rise in violence and Gianna grew tired of living life in fear of something bad happening to her.
Then she found out about an amazing opportunity to found a new city…Newcrest.

She immediately signed up for it and after a random draw she found out she was the winner. They granted her 20,000 simoleans to start building the city from the ground up.

09-05-16_8-06-14 PM

She wished her family and friends goodbye and moved to Newcrest.

This is Gianna’s empty palette that she will forge her legacy on.

Newcrest before

She chose the Midtown Meadows lot to the rear of the map. And after purchasing she had 17,000 simoleans leftover to build so she built her this neat little house.

09-05-16_9-26-03 PM

Front of the house


09-05-16_9-26-16 PM

The inside

09-05-16_9-26-27 PM

Aerial view

Gianna will now go off to found her legacy.

Stay tuned for more on the Reed Family in the #BuildNewcrestLegacyChallennge!

Also I would love to hear from you so don’t be afraid to comment and share your views as the story progresses.


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